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Semper Fi Fund | America’s Fund

(Transcript) Jennifer Byrd: My name is Jennifer Caldwell Byrd and I’m here today with Tom Claxton to talk to you about the Semper Fi fund and America’s fund. These funds provide direct financial assistance and vital programming for combat wounded, critically ill, and catastrophically injured service members and their families during hospitalization and recovery. But […]

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Veterans Benefits & Dependents

(Transcript) My name is Jennifer Caldwell Byrd. I’m an attorney here at Gardberg and Kemmerly where I handle veteran’s disability cases. I wanted to talk to you briefly today about the importance of making sure that the VA has been notified of your dependence if you’re receiving disability benefits. If you meet requirements and notify […]

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Disability Benefits Common Questions Answered

(Transcript) Cindy Speaker:  Good afternoon, and thanks for joining us today. My name is Cindy Speaker. I have with me Noell Black, a disability representative with Gardberg & Kemmerly. Noell Black: Hey, Cindy. Cindy Speaker: How are you? Noell Black: I’m doing good. Cindy Speaker: Good. Always good to see you. Noell Black:  Thank you, […]

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