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Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits

(Transcript) Hi, I’m Cindy Speaker, and I have with me today Noell Black who is a non-attorney representative with Gardberg & Kemmerly.  Noell is going to share with us some of the frequently-asked questions concerning Social Security disability. I’m going to ask you a few questions here and we’ll get your input on that and […]

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VA Compensation and Pension Exams

(Transcript) What is a Compensation and Pension Exam and why would a veteran be scheduled for one? Nathan Guin:                     A Compensation and Pension Exam is an examination that’s set up by the Department of Veterans Affairs in connection with a claim for disability benefits that’s been put in by a veteran. In order to make […]

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Do I Need A Lawyer To Handle My Auto Accident Claim?

It is possible to handle your auto accident claim without the help of an auto accident lawyer, but it will probably be much more difficult. An auto accident lawyer will have experience dealing with insurance companies and insurance adjusters. He or she will also be able to investigate your accident claim and help show that […]

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Should I File for a VA Rating Increase?

Sometimes during the normal progression of your life, your service connected disability may get worse. If that happens you may find that your level of benefits is not sufficient. A VA rating increase is for someone who already has a service connected disability and finds himself/herself in this situation. At that time, if it does […]

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