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What is a Service Connection?

(Transcript) Cindy Speaker: Good afternoon, and welcome to our Facebook Live broadcast today. My name is Cindy Speaker. I have with me today Nathan Guin of Gardberg & Kemmerly. He’s going to talk with us about service connections and rather specifically about secondary service connections. Nathan, thanks for being with us today. Nathan Guin:  Thank […]

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Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits

(Transcript) Hi, I’m Cindy Speaker, and I have with me today Noell Black who is a non-attorney representative with Gardberg & Kemmerly.  Noell is going to share with us some of the frequently-asked questions concerning Social Security disability. I’m going to ask you a few questions here and we’ll get your input on that and […]

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VA Compensation and Pension Exams

(Transcript) What is a Compensation and Pension Exam and why would a veteran be scheduled for one? Nathan Guin:                     A Compensation and Pension Exam is an examination that’s set up by the Department of Veterans Affairs in connection with a claim for disability benefits that’s been put in by a veteran. In order to make […]

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