Children whose parents, or in some cases grandparents and stepparents, receive Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits can be eligible for what is called auxiliary benefits. Auxiliary benefits are payments from your record paid to any dependents under the age of 18. Additionally, a student aged 18-19 may be eligible and disabled adult children of a disabled worker can receive auxiliary benefits.

The child of a parent is eligible to receive benefits if they are a dependent or a natural or legally adopted child who has not been adopted by someone else or receives contributions or lives with the worker at the time of disability. The child is considered dependent on a stepparent if the stepparent is contributing at least one-half of the child’s support at the time of the claim. A child is considered a dependent of the grandparent if the child lives with them before age 18 years of age and received at least one-half of the support from the grandparent at least a year before the grandparent became entitled to benefits.