I got into the practice of law late in life, relatively speaking. I graduated high school in the small town of Boaz, Alabama. I took some college courses, but at that time, could not find anything I was passionate about, even though practicing law had crossed my mind. I was young and could not fathom spending that long in school. I quickly began working instead of going to class. I spent twenty or so years in the restaurant business doing everything from washing dishes to managing. I spent one year as a civilian contractor in at Camp Speicher in the Tikrit, Iraq area where I developed an appreciation for what our military personnel go through in a war zone on a daily basis. I ended my restaurant career during the great recession after two businesses I worked at closed their doors, leaving me jobless.

It was at that time that I decided to go back to college in order to obtain a degree in history to prepare me for the reading and writing that would accompany a career as an attorney. As I was a bit older, I took classes year-round and obtained my Bachelor of Arts, with some old credits, in just over two years. I also took classes year-round while in law school and obtained my Juris Doctor degree in just under two-and-a-half years. While in law school I served on the moot court honor board, interned for a judge and studied for a semester abroad in Clermont Ferrand, France. It was a grand experience. After law school I had the opportunity to serve as an AmeriCorps volunteer for a legal services organization helping indigent people with legal needs. I found my passion. I love helping people in need. Helping people in need eventually led me to Gardberg & Kemmerly. I am proud to be helping people in need obtain Social Security disability benefits.