Veterans who receive VA disability compensation are likely familiar with the VA Compensation & Pension (C&P) exams, but a Veteran who is filing a first-time claim may be unfamiliar with the process.  A C&P exam is an important part of the VA claims process and helps the VA rate your condition and determine the right amount of compensation.  These tips will ensure that you are fully prepared for your VA C&P exam and are able to provide all the needed information to your examiner to get the maximum benefits that you deserve.

It is a good idea to keep a journal documenting your symptoms and the frequency of episodes that affect your life.  If possible, gather any evidence that has not been previously submitted to the VA for review by your C&P examiner.  Have a spouse, family member or close friend document the symptoms and difficulties that they observe and bring that person to the exam if possible.  It is important to be completely honest with the VA examiner regarding your conditions.  The C&P exam is not the time that you want to downplay your symptoms or exaggerate your conditions as well.  Being completely honest about your conditions and the effects on your life and being able to describe your conditions to the C&P examiner is the best way to ensure that the C&P examiner has the information needed to properly assess your conditions.