Most Veterans are aware of the process of filing for primary service-connected disability benefits, which are awarded for injuries or conditions that were incurred as a result of active-duty military service.  If a veteran’s service-connected condition causes or leads to a separate illness or disability, this is called a secondary service-connected condition.  A Veteran may have conditions that were caused or aggravated by an already service-connected disability.  A Veteran wishing to file a claim for a secondary service-connected condition will follow the same process as filing for any other initial claim.  This will include filling out and submitting a VA Form 21-526EZ or using the eBenefits Portal on the VA Website.

In order to prove a secondary service connection, the Veteran will need certain evidence to submit alongside their claim in order to be granted service connection for a secondary condition.  First, the Veteran will need a current diagnosis of the secondary injury, illness, or disability.  The Veteran will also need medical evidence showing a link between your service-connected disability and the secondary condition.