Can collecting Social Security Benefits help my Veterans Disability claim? If you are a veteran who has received Social Security Administration Disability benefits, you should submit that disability award to the VA for consideration on your claim for VA benefits. The way that you would do that is by sending the Social Security notice of award or a fully favorable decision to the VA by certified mail to your local regional office. When the VA receives the notification that you are getting Social Security Administration benefits they will have a duty to obtain all of your records in Social Security Administration and then consider that evidence in your claim. This could result in an additional award to you from the VA for your service connected disability. Especially if they can find that you are totally unable to work.  You can receive what’s known as total individual unemployability. This can result in a large award for you and ongoing support for your family for years to come. Remember at Gardberg & Kemmerly all consultations are free and we receive no fee until you are awarded additional benefits by the VA.