This blog is a bit different than most of the blogs I write for our firm because this blog is a chance to tell you about my sailor.  I convey to many of my clients that this is much more than a job for me.  I come from a large Veteran family, including 2 Grandfathers who served in the Navy, a brother who served in the Army in the 101st Airborne, a best friend that is a Marine and another best friend that is an Airforce Veteran.  My father’s best friend is a Vietnam Veteran who is 100% disabled due to his service in Vietnam.  I am an associate member of the P.L. Wilson Marine Corps League here in Mobile, where I am surrounded by many remarkable Marines and service members from other branches of the miliary.

But on Friday May 6, 2022, I became the mother of a United States Sailor.  It is a bit different being on this side of the fence.  I can see how proud he is to serve the Country that he grew up learning to respect and now loves.  I have received so many congratulations from our Veterans who knew about his journey during boot camp.  A sailor may not brag, but his Mother will – I am very proud of him for his service and excited to see what the future holds for him in the Navy.