Many people filing for Social Security Disability benefits may not have a family member, spouse or friends that can pay their bills or support them while they are out of work. If you are capable of performing substantial gainful work activity, you will not meet the rules for disability. Social Security has certain rules for determining what is considered gainful work activity. SSA considers any month your earnings exceed $1,470.00 for the year 2023 to be substantial gainful work. This is based on gross income.

There are different rules for those who are blind as well as different rules for those filing for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. If you are filing for SSI benefits, your income can not exceed the SSI income limits. This limit is different in some states, but the overall federal benefit amount is $914.00 for 2023. SSA does not consider the first $20.00 of all income and the first $65.00 of earned income. However, after that, your gross wages will reduce any applicable SSI benefit by one dollar for every 2 dollars made.

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