These are a few simple things people need to know before they get a Social Security hearing. I have worked in Social Security law for almost 20 years – there is a lot of information that is needed before having a hearing date. These are the top 3 things to consider before a hearing:

1. OBTAIN A REPRESENTATIVE BEFORE YOUR HEARING DATE: So many people wait, but it is important that people consider getting a representative BEFORE they get a hearing date. One of the main issues for why someone waits to obtain representation is that they are just too sick -either mentally or physically. Additionally, a lack of knowledge about the process and frustration over the time delays add to the wait in obtaining representation. In many occasions, we may not be contacted until just weeks or days before the hearing. That makes it more difficult for us to assess and properly develop your file.

2. SEE A DOCTOR FOR CONSISTENT TREATMENT and MAKE SURE THIS EVIDENCE IS SUBMITTED: If you have not had a representative, then there is a large possibility that your file is missing pretty much everything to support your claim of disability. Gardberg and Kemmerly can look at your file and make sure your information gets requested, received, and forwarded properly. We also review the exhibits on a consistent basis being sure your information is in the file and updated. We are constantly preparing you file all along the course of representation, not just when the hearing is scheduled. It is important that you are getting the treatment to support your claim. Waiting to see a doctor when the hearing is set could be too late.